Handmade 10 Liters Oak Barrel - Beczka Debowa Do Kiszenia | GB-002

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Handmade Oak Barrel

Pickling is a great way to ensure that you have access to vitamins and minerals for the winter. In our opinion a sauerkraut is a classic - especially made at home. Instead of buying cabbage, you can pickle it yourself! You will be sure that it is the most valuable and healthiest.

The wooden barrel is not immediately ready for use it. It needs to be specially prepared by pouring water so that the wood swells. Thanks to this, it will be tighter, and the juice from pickling will not be absorbed into the walls of the barrel, but will remain and you will be able to drink it (it is sour, salty and contains a lot of beneficial bacteria for our digestive system). 

When you are ready for pickling and you have shredded cabbage ready for barrel, first you have to line the bottom of the barrel with whole cabbage leaves to make a kind of protection. Then the shredded cabbage should be laid out in a barrel in layers, generously poured with salt. Each layer should be hard pressed with hand - fist or beater to release the juice. Finally, all the cabbage should be covered with juice. If there is not enough of it, it is worth adding some brine – water with salt. 

The last step is to press the top layer in barrel with pressure weight, plate or even a clean stone. After 3 days, it needs to be degassed, for example, by inserting a wooden spoon all the way to the bottom. That's all – the cabbage will be pickled for the next 10 days. After this time, the barrel must be moved to a cool place, to about 10 degrees Celsius, so that it does not spoil and is ready to eat! Delicious!

Price includes:

  • 10 Liters handmade oak barrel 
  • Oak clamp + cover
  • Instruction of the correct use of the barrel

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Note: All pictures shown are for illustration purposes only. The colors of patterns and fabrics may slightly vary from reality.

As the barrels are a wood product, they are subject to the wood drying and shrinking. Luxahaus Beyond offers no guarantee against shrinkage. 

Made In Poland