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Cast Iron Pot

Cast iron pot with a capacity of 5L by ROSSNER, made of gray cast iron, oxidized on the outside and enameled on the inside.
Cast iron pots are an excellent alternative to grill and are gaining more and more popularity throughout Europe. Preparing delicious one-pot dishes in the open air is a lot of fun and is also a great reason to meet family and friends. This cast iron pot is made of gray cast iron, which, thanks to its properties of even distribution and heat retention, makes the vessel ideal for preparing one-pot dishes.

Product advantages:

  • The unique, characteristic taste of dishes prepared in a cast-iron pot is second to none.
  • Delicious roasts or goulash or any other dish are a real treat both during a summer party in the garden and a winter feast by the fire.
  • A pot placed on fire looks great and is an original decoration of the garden.
  • Precise machine casting.
  • Cast iron pots perfectly store heat, which means that your dishes cook gradually and evenly. They also have a great impact on our health. Thanks to the use of a natural material, which is cast iron, we limit the number of harmful substances that penetrate into food when using other dishes. An additional advantage is that during the preparation of dishes in cast iron cookware, small amounts of iron, an element necessary for our body, are released. This is a definite benefit, especially for people struggling with anemia.
  • A properly maintained (greased) cast iron pot will last for many years.

Set includes:

  • Enameled pot with a capacity of 5L
  • Lid with the function of an enamel grill pan
  • Base with detachable feet

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    Note: Due to the material properties of cast iron, rust might appear on the surface. All pictures shown are for illustration purposes only. The colors of patterns on the lid may slightly vary from reality.

    Made in EU

    Product Details

    Composition: cast iron

    Pot and lid diameter: ~ 6.88 in

    Pot height: ~ 5.11 in

    Total height: ~ 12.59 in

    Capacity: 5L

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