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Children's Book

"Abecadło" is a classic of children's literature and one of the most recognizable poems by Julian Tuwim. 

"Abecadło" is a poem that probably does not need to be introduced to any adult. In childhood, each of us learned a story about letters that fell from the stove and suffered significant damage to their health under the influence of a strong impact (bang on the ground). Not only did they scatter in the corners, but also the fall caused them irreparable losses: the letter "B" knocked down both bellies, the footbridge in the letter "H" broke and the dots and roofs got lost.

Now, this extraordinary story can be learned by the youngest, even those who do not know the letters yet. They will be happy to listen to Julian Tuwim's poem together with their mum or dad, and exceptionally beautiful illustrations will encourage them to do so.

The way the book is published makes it appealing even to two-year-olds who are not yet interested in letters. Nevertheless, the poem and interesting illustrations spread evenly over the pages mean that the book can be read from beginning to end even to an impatient toddler who quickly turns the pages over and over again.

Also, slightly older children, who are just starting their adventure with learning the alphabet, will certainly eagerly reach for the "Alphabet", finding specific letters in the pictures: "B" with broken bellies, "H" with a broken footbridge, and standing upside down "W" pretending to be the letter "M".

Book language: Polish

Cover: Hardcover

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Made in Poland

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Book language: Polish

Number of pages: 24

Publisher: Zysk i S-ka