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Children's Book

The most beautiful fairy tales by Ignacy Krasicki. Take a look at the stories and appreciate their unique atmosphere.

"Bajki" is a collection that includes the most valued works of the great poet. Most of them are easy to like, and some of them you've probably heard of. In this book, they are presented in a study by Jan Marcin Szancer, thanks to which you can sense the unique atmosphere of the old era.

Ignacy Krasicki was a poet and writer and at the same time a Catholic clergyman, who first served as the bishop of Warmia, and then the archbishop of Gniezno. He lived in the years 1735-1801. He is associated primarily with his poetry, and also as the author who laid the foundations for Polish modern novels. Although his work is highly moralizing, it contains a large dose of irony, and this can be easily understood nowadays as well.

Book language: Polish

Cover: Paperback

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Made in Poland

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Book language: Polish

Number of pages: 52

Publisher: G&P