Effiki Blue Bamboo Swaddle Speed Car | 46540

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Stunningly Cute Swaddle

Thanks to bamboo fiber this product has excellent properties. It is highly durable and allergen-free. In the summer it provides a cooling touch and protects from UV radiation. And in winter it prevents the baby from overheating when indoors. That’s why it is recommended for newborns, including preemies.

Size: 70 ×100 cm /~ 27.55 × 39.37 in

Color: Blue

Note: All pictures shown are for illustration purposes only. The colors of patterns may slightly vary from reality.

Made in Poland

Product Details

Color: blue

Size: 70 × 100 cm /~ 27.55 × 39.37 in

Fabric: 100% bamboo fiber

Care Instructions

Tips for care: It is indicated to carefully read care labels and follow recommended cleaning guidelines for that specific piece of product.