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Mądre Bajki by Agnieszka Antosiewicz - Paperback Children's Book | TK-15-1

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Children's Book

"Wise tales" is a collection of stories and the most beautiful fairy tales that convey to our children unchanging values, truths and principles, and teach what is most important in life.

It is important not only to have nice and colorful pictures when choosing books and fairy tales for our children. In fact, the most important is the content itself, which should convey a lot more than just a funny story. "Mądre Bajki" is exactly such a type of book.

We will not find popular heroes here, but ordinary people and children. Most importantly, there will also be no violence, amoral behavior and shouting. The author focused primarily on allowing the children from her book to learn a little more about friendship, the power of love, tolerance, acceptance, understanding others, self-confidence and the value of the family. It is also an opportunity to confront difficult issues such as injustice and harm. Each story has been written in a simple and accessible language, while perfectly conveying the value behind it.

"Mądre Bajki" is a book that will surely interest every toddler with its colorful illustrations. They affect the imagination and make everything even more interesting. Each story is a good introduction to a conversation with your child and a discussion after reading. How does our child understand friendship, family, and love? Does he know what strength lies in him and will he be ready to face adversities? Here we will not find superhero stories, but we can see completely different, much more important advantages of the book. It is good to choose books for our children that not only make reading fun but also convey many important life messages. By teaching and playing at the same time, we have the best influence on the child's development and education.

Book language: Polish

Cover: Paperback

Pages: 64

This product is non-exchangeable, non-returnable and/or non-refundable.

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Made in Poland

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Book language: Polish

Number of pages: 64

Publisher: Greg