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Mądre Bajki- Pozytywne Myślenie by Agnieszka Antosiewicz - Children's Book | TK-17

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Children's Book

If you want to explain to your child what love is, why learning is important, or make sure that your child will not go anywhere with a stranger, reach for "Mądre Bajki. Pozytywne Myślenie".

The stories presented in the book are meant to be a pretext to talk about important topics that are very serious from the point of view of both the young reader and his parent. Fairy tales about safety rules and limited trust towards strangers will encourage us to discuss them with the child later.

Even though the topic is serious, the author presents it in a very accessible way, without causing unnecessary fears. She also suggests positive solutions in difficult social situations for children, regarding friendship, forgiving others or respecting their work. There were also topics related to caring for the environment and caring for animals, and thus - responsibility.

"Mądre Bajki" raise issues of various problems, and sometimes even threats, but they do it in a positive way, showing children what is important in life and what values ​​should be followed. 

Book language: Polish

Covers: Hardcover / Paperback

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Made in Poland

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Book language: Polish

Number of pages: 64

Publisher: Greg