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Pucio zostaje kucharzem, czyli o radości z jedzenia - Board Book | TK-75

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Children's Book

If your child is reluctant to try new dishes or doesn't like it when pasta has a different shape than usual, the book "Pucio zostaje kucharzem, czyli o radości z jedzenia" can bring you closer to the joyful atmosphere at the table together!

In this part of the adventures of Pucio and his family, we visit the Wesoła Marchewka restaurant together with the characters. The children are very excited, at least until it turns out that Pucia's pasta doesn't look like it does at home. He doesn't want to eat, but after a while he lets his mother persuade him and tries. Pasta is tasty! Pucio is glad he tried it. After returning home, the whole family gets involved in preparing pancakes, which dad then fries in a pan. The book also includes a recipe thanks to which children, with the help of their parents, will be able to prepare their own pancakes.

For some children, trying new foods is very difficult and problematic. One way to convince them to try something new, e.g. an unknown vegetable, is to expose it in different situations. Seeing new dishes in a book is a good step towards becoming familiar with a new ingredient.

Book language: Polish

Cover: Hardcover, sturdy board book

This product is non-exchangeable, non-returnable and/or non-refundable.

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Made in Poland

Product Details

Book language: Polish

Number of pages: 28

Publisher: Nasza Księgarnia