Moraj Women's 15 Denier Lycra Ankle High Sheer Toe Socks - 2 Pairs | SL-2

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Women's Socks

Wonderful women's lycra socks with a non-compressive welt. You will love these comfortable and stylish ankle length socks - they gently compress feet and toe to improve circulation and reduce pressure. Thanks to the highest quality yarn they will provide cool, relaxed support all day long.

Pack: 2 Pairs

Size: Universal

Note: All pictures shown are for illustration purposes only. The colors of patterns may slightly vary from reality.

Made in Poland

    Product Details

    Color: Black, Graphite, Daino, Natural

    Composition: 85% nylon, 15% spandex


    Care Instructions

    Tips for care: As with any type of garment, it is indicated to carefully read care labels and follow recommended cleaning guidelines for that specific piece of product.