Wooden blocks for Christmas?

Wooden blocks for Christmas?

Christmas is fast approaching. This year, due to the dynamically changing economic situation, it is worth thinking about gifts now. Every experienced parent knows that plastic toys are very often damaged, broken, crushed and even nibbled by children.This causes a feeling of disappointment and deep sadness, not only in children, but also in people who gave an expensive gift in the hope that it will bring joy to their children.

Why is it worth buying wooden toys for your child?

If we care about the natural, sustainable development of our toddler, we must take into account several factors when choosing a toy.

First of all, the toy must be safe.I'm sure many of you have cursed the producers for the fact that the purchased gift quickly fell into pieces, that the little ones put too small elements in their mouths, or that something sharp just stuck in your bare foot. Am I right?

Secondly, we should pay attention to whether the toy is appropriate for the age of your child.And now the question arises: what does that even mean? “Age appropriate toy"... This time I'm not talking about the manufacturer's sticker, but here's whether the toy causes overstimulation of the child. If the item is battery-powered, makes noisy, intense sounds, additionally lights up, flashes, drives around - it will certainly delay your baby's mental development.

Why wooden blocks?

Let's get straight to the point. wooden toys develop the imagination. They allow the child to create a new, completely different world in which it creates its own rules. Younger children, by stacking blocks on top of each other, practice concentration and focus. You know how difficult it is to keep a three-year-old's attention for more than 1 minute these days. Blocks with calm colors make it easier to focus on your idea, and the appropriately adjusted size means that the baby has no problem holding the element in a small, still not quite handy hand. The blocks are perfect for learning mathematics, simple addition, subtraction, and dividing into groups.

Which wooden block is recommended? The ones that children will like the most, of course :) In our store you will find a unique set that includes beautifully made wooden blocks that would delight even Maria Montessori herself ;) Calm, not flashy colors that will allow the child to focus properly, many elements that create many opportunities for many people, not only one child.

Will wooden blocks win with an interactive toy?

We truly hope that it will happen! There is no better way to stimulate creativity in children than playing together on the floor, in the company of loved ones. Build wooden houses, cities, wooden racing tods, pens for animals with toddlers! Let's hide the noisy, flickering remote-controlled cars, singing robots and let's create the right space for the child to grow up peacefully and harmoniously.

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