Wooden Kids Snow Sled

Wooden Kids Snow Sled

Surely you remember the winter of your childhood very well ... Those heavy snow drifts that seemed like huge mountains to your child's eyes, those snow-covered trees that reminded you of a magical, silent and mysterious forest from the books your mother used to read to you. And you sure loved playing in the snow!

Wooden sledge - the most beautiful childhood memories

You and your friends were skiing down the neighborhood hill, taking your sledge early in the morning and spending the whole day outside. Beautiful memories, right? And you didn't mind hard frost, snowdrifts, hard frost or clothes soaked from having fun, right? Everyone had their favorite equipment: for others it was skis, for another - skates, metal and wooden sleds. I always liked the wooden sledge that my grandfather bought me for my 9th birthday. I used them to drive my little brother to school. It often served as a form of transport for snowballs, which we later threw at our friends.

The sled is the basis!

A good sledge is the basis for good and long fun. No less important is the weight and their construction. Therefore, it is worth considering their purchase longer. Our wooden kids snow sleds are durable and very comfortable. The wood makes the sledge light, which means that even younger children can use it. The wood also adds speed when going downhill. Our sledges are durable, but if one of the boards breaks by accident, it is very easy to replace it with a new one. Our sled is  35" long, 13" weight and 15" high. It’s enough for younger and older children to have so much fun!

What can I play with the sledge? 

Racing! Whoever reaches the finish line first wins! Gather a group of kids - older, stronger, who will pull the sled. And the younger ones who will be sitting in the sledge. Designate the start line, finish line, track. This fun can turn into a beautiful neighborhood (or family) tradition!

In addition to sliding down the hill, sleds can be great for transport. Children love long walks - if they don't have to cover the whole distance on their own. And parents, even the most persistent ones, do not have enough strength to carry a heavy beloved body on their backs. You can comfortably transport your toddler on a sledge inside black wool cushion. Or let the older boy pull the sled with his younger brother. This will help to strengthen their bond.

The child can take his beloved teddy bear or other toy with him. If he carries gifts or other important things, he will feel that his mission is important, which will strengthen the sense of belonging to the group and increase self-esteem.

Wooden sledge under the christmas tree

The universal and functional design allows you to try a lot of possibilities - you can go downhill with a slight slope, as well as from steeper hills. Sledges are a perfect idea for a Christmas gift. There are still a few months of winter ahead of us, so this element of children's equipment will work 100%. It will allow you to spend free time together,with older and younger siblings. It's a gift that will last for many years, (many winter seasons).

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