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Ankle Boots for Girls or Boys

Bartek shoes are recognized by the characteristic structure, which mainly consists of a hardback for ankle support and arch. The velcro closure and bungee and cord lock lace system is an excellent option for an easy on-and-off style. These ankle boots are designed with fashion and style, in addition they are wool insulated.

Bartek takes care about proper development and your child foot and continuously work to improve the usability of their products. The application of BRTKtex membrane ensure 100% of waterproof and windproof with simultaneous optimal breathability. BRTKtex membrane makes impermeable barrier for rain, mud and snow. As a result, shoes are dry inside. 

Please use the Size Guide to determine the size of your child's feet.

FINAL SALE: Products on sale or discounted products are non-refundable and non-returnable and non-exchangeable.

Note: All pictures shown are for illustration purposes only. The colors of patterns and fabrics may slightly vary from reality.

Made in Poland

Product Details

Type of footwear: winter

Fabric: velour, textile material

Color: black, beige

Insulation: yes

Size Guide

Use measuring tape to measure the length of your child's feet - starting from the tip of the child's longest toe to the end of the heel. Find shoe size by referring to the tables below. 


Children's Shoe Size Charts - Length


5.5 214.5~ 5.28 in/ 13.4 cm
6-6.5225.5~ 5.51 in/ 14 cm
7-7.5236-6.5~ 5.75 in/ 14.6 cm
8247~ 6.02 in/ 15.3 cm
8.5-9257.5-8~ 6.30 in/ 16 cm
9.5268.5~ 6.57 in/ 16.7 cm
10-10.5279-9.5~ 6.96 in  / 17.7 cm
112810~ 7.22 in / 18.4 cm
11.52910.5~ 7.48 in / 19.0 cm
12-12.53011-11.5~ 7.55 in / 19.7 cm
13-13.53112-12.5~ 7.99 in / 20.3 cm
1 Y3213~ 8.26 in/ 21.0 cm
1.5-2 Y3314-1~8.54 in / 21.7 cm
2.5-3 Y341.5-2~8.77 in / 22.3 cm
3.5 Y352.5~9.05 in / 23.0 cm
4-4.5 Y363-3.5~9.33 in / 23.7 cm
5-5.5 Y374-4.5~9.57 in / 24.3 cm
6-6.5 Y385~9.84 in / 25.0 cm