Coccine Universal Protective Agent for Leather Products | CO-13

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Protecting Agent for Leather Products

A basic and universal spray that protects all types of footwear against water, mud and salt, as well as dust and dirt settling. It covers the outer part of the shoe with a waterproof layer, but does not reduce the permeability of air and moisture from its interior. It does not change the appearance, color and other properties of the leather. If used regularly, it allows you to maintain the beautiful color, appearance and softness of the skin. It should be used regularly, as well as the summer, to protect against dust settling on beautiful, bright, and intensely colored nubucks and suedes.

If used regularly, it extends the life of footwear and other products (e.g. handbags, sachets, backpacks). 

Note: All pictures shown are for illustration purposes only. The colors of patterns and fabrics may slightly vary from reality.

Product Details

Color: Transparent

Capacity: 150 ml