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Colorful Wooden Instrument and Toy - Kołatka | 123D

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Wooden Instrument

This noise maker toy is a perfect first instrument for your kid, it will help him discover the world of music and sounds. It has a very interesting sound effect which is louder when turning in one direction and delicate when turning in the opposite way. The wooden spinning knocker "kołatka / klekotka" is ideal for improving children's fine motor skills.
This product will give your child long hours of great fun. This wooden toy was made with great attention to detail.

Size: 14.5 cm x 14.5 cm / ~ 5.7 in x 5.7 in

Note: All pictures shown are for illustration purposes only. The colors of patterns and fabrics may slightly vary from reality.

Handmade in Poland

Product Details

Color: Yellow, Red Blue
Size: 14.5 cm x 14.5 cm / ~ 5.7 in x 5.7 in