Bartek Boys' Gray & Neon Ankle Waterproof Sneakers | 7091-77GS

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Ankle Sneakers for Boys 

 Under normal condition of use, "BRTK YOUNG" PROPHYLACTIC SHOES are intended for the prevention, supportive treatment of developmental and acquired deformities of the lower limbs. They may be used to prevent functional deformities of the lower limbs in children, such as Genu valgum (knock knees), Pes valgus (ankle valgus), Talipes equinovarus (club foot), Pes plano-valgus, Flabby foot, Longitudinal platypodia (longitudinal flat foot), Transverse platypodia, (transversal flat foot), Hallux valgus (bunion), Digitus flexus (claw toe). "BRTK YOUNG" prophylactic shoes are recommended for children with healthy feet to prevent the foot deformities listed above. 

Bartek takes care about proper development and your child foot and continuously work to improve the usability of their products. The application of BRTKtex membrane ensure 100% of waterproof and windproof with simultaneous optimal breathability. BRTKtex membrane makes impermeable barrier for rain, mud and snow. As a result, shoes are dry inside. 

Please use the Size Guide to determine the size of your child's feet.

Note: All pictures shown are for illustration purposes only. The colors of patterns and fabrics may slightly vary from reality.

Made in Poland

Product Details

Type of footwear: fall

Fabric: velour, textile

Lining: textile

Color: gray, black, yellow

Shoe insole: textile

Closing device/Clasp: velcro fastening

Shoe width: I


Reflective elements

The footwear contains reflective elements - for better visibility on the road at dusk. 


Size Guide

Use measuring tape to measure the length of your child's feet - starting from the tip of child's longest toe to the end of the heel.  Find shoe size by referring to the table below. 


Bartek - Children's Shoe Size Chart - Length   

1.5-2 Y33
2.5-3 Y34
3.5 Y35
4-4.5 Y36
5-5.5 Y37
6-6.5 Y38