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Kicia Kocia i Nunuś. Sprzątamy! - Board Book by Anita Głowińska | TK-44

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Children's Book

Outside the windows, fall has settled in for good. Rainy weather and increasingly lower temperatures are not good for walking and spending time outdoors. Your little one may be particularly affected by this. How to provide him with adequate entertainment for long fall evenings? We have a solution! Invite the heroes of books for the youngest - Kitty Kocia and Nunuś to your home.

Kicia Kocia and her younger brother Nunuś are the perfect company for you and your child. The series of books is intended for children around the age of two or three and presents simple life situations that sooner or later will happen to every brave toddler. The book "Kicia Kocia i Nunuś. Sprzątamy!" it also applies to a situation familiar to many mothers. The siblings are going for a walk in the park. On such a walk there are plenty of attractions, including... puddles.

Playing in the water ends with Nunuś's soaked socks, who after returning home has to change and put things away in the right place. It is not an easy task. Will she be able to handle it, or will her older sister have to step in? Or maybe after reading this story, the problem with cleaning things will disappear or never appear in your home?

Book language: Polish

Cover: Hardcover, sturdy board book

This product is non-exchangeable, non-returnable and/or non-refundable.

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Made in Poland

Product Details

Book language: Polish

Number of pages: 14

Publisher: Media Rodzina