Bartek Boys Orthopedic Leather Sandals | 81804-0/N9A

Sandals for Boys

Super special sandals for our little gentleman's. The open construction and profiled outsole allows for correcting irregular force of children's foot and limit abnormal activity of foot joints. Made of the nubuck and grain leather.

The orthopedic shoes can effectively prevent or/and correct different foot problems as Varus foot, flat foot, valgus foot, O-Shaped Leg or X-Shaped leg and many more. Thanks to the anti-slip B-Fresh, leather and profile insole it is easier to move around and Velcro fastening makes it easier to put on.

Please use the Size Guide to determine the size of your child's feet.

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Currently available in our store in Elk Grove Village:
4.5 US,  5.5 US,  6 US,  7,  8 US,  8.5 US,  9.5 US, 

Note: Pay special attention to the length of the insert in a given size, as there are different lengths in each model.

Product Details

Type of footwear: all season

Fabric: top grain leather, nubuck 

Lining: natural leather

Color: navy blue, red

Sole type:  TR - thermo rubber

Shoe insole: natural leather, profile insert

Closing device/Clasp: velcro fastening

Shoe width: I


B-FRESH technology

The new insole acts as a built-in deodorant - it effectively prevents the odour of sweat inside the shoe. Thanks to the new BARTEK shoe insole, your baby's foot is clean, healthy and safe all day long.



Healthy foot

This sign is the feature of good footwear ensuring correct development and functioning of a child’s foot.

Size Guide

Use measuring tape to measure the length of your child's feet - starting from the tip of child's longest toe to the end of the heel.  Find shoe size by referring to the table below. 


Bartek - Children's Shoe Size Chart - Length   

4.5-5203.5-4 ~5.31 in/13.5 cm
5.5214.5~5.51 in / 14.2 cm
6-6.5225.5~5.82 in / 14.8 cm
7-7.5236-6.5  ~6.10 in/15.5 cm
8247~6.33 in / 16.1 cm
8.5-9257.5-8~6.57 in / 16.7 cm
9.5268.5~6.85 in / 17.4 cm
10-10.5279-9.5 ~7.08 in / 18 cm
112810~7.36 in / 18.7 cm
11.52910.5~7.63 in / 19.4 cm
12-12.53011-11.5~7.87 in / 20 cm
13-13.53112-12.5~8.11 in / 20.6 cm
13213~8.34 in / 21.2 cm