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Wielka księga wartości. Opowiadania o szczerości, tolerancji i innych ważnych sprawach - Hardcover Children's Book | TK-30

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Children's Book

"Wielka księga wartości" is a book that contains a collection of valuable stories that show what is really important in life and what we should think about!

Are you sure you know what really matters in your life? Do your values ​​align with how you would like to act? "Wielka księga wartości" is extremely informative and interesting in its form.

First of all, we find here sixteen amazing stories that will teach us to face adversities and situations that, until now, seemed impossible to overcome.  We learn what tolerance, courtesy, solidarity and empathy are really about. How important are they for our lives? It turns out that they are of great importance! Especially when we cannot feel them freely and in every situation. Self-Esteem? Self-acceptance? And who among us has never doubted his abilities?!

Accepting yourself takes patience, and experience, and is essential to feel truly happy. Here is a book that will show us how to start living in harmony with ourselves. How to get to know what empathy and understanding are and introduce them to everyday functioning? The "Wielka księga wartości" surprises us on every page and allows us to read it more than once. In addition, it can be helpful in introducing our children to the world of values ​​that should guide them in life. Incredibly colorful illustrations catch the eye and allow us to devote ourselves to our own imaginations. Sixteen interesting stories will show us how much we still have to learn about humility in life.

Teresa Blanch is a writer, she worked at the International Youth Library in Munich. She writes for European magazines, created especially for children. Anna Gasol is the author of numerous books and press publications for children and a translator.

Book language: Polish

Cover: Hardcover

Page: 144

This product is non-exchangeable, non-returnable and/or non-refundable.

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Made in Poland

Product Details

Book language: Polish

Number of pages: 144

Publisher: Nasza Księgarnia