ZWIEGER BLACK STONE CONECT Pan 24cm with Detachable Handle | ZW-PBSC-6284

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Frying Pan

ZWIEGER frying pan made of cast aluminum. A modern, German, 3-layer GREBLON® granite coating covers the inner part of the vessel. Thanks to innovative technology that reduces the number of coatings to three layers, the pan conducts and accumulates heat perfectly. Due to its unique properties that increase scratch resistance, the GREBLON® coating is used in top-class cookware. Additionally, the heat-resistant silicone varnish that covers the pan makes it retain its aesthetic appearance for a long time.

The pan can be used on all types of stoves, including induction hobs. Moreover, the full induction disk used, thanks to full magnetic conduction, ensures better energy utilization of up to 40%. The non-stick coating allows you to fry with minimal or no fat, which undoubtedly translates into a healthy lifestyle.

The maximum operating temperature is 240°C.

  • GREBLON® – German, innovative, non-stick coating from WEILBURGER
  • Bottom – full induction disc; thanks to its magnetic induction, the disc ensures up to 40% higher energy efficiency
  • Frying - also at low temperatures with minimal or no fat use - a healthy lifestyle
  • Detachable Handle - after detaching the handle, the pan gains an additional function (it can be used perfectly as an oven dish) and takes up much less space in the cabinet.
  • Outer Layer - the pan is entirely covered with heat-resistant silicone varnish, thanks to which it retains its appearance for a long time and is resistant to chips or discoloration
  • Coating Texture - the coating used, due to its specific, rough surface, allows you to prepare breaded dishes more easily and better than on traditional, flat surfaces
  • Diameter: 24 cm /~ 9.44 in

Do not wash it in the dishwasher

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    Made in Europe

    Product Details

    Composition: Aluminum

    Diameter: 24 cm /~ 9.44 in