Cast Iron Pot - camping MUST HAVE

Cast Iron Pot - camping MUST HAVE

If you like idyllic climates, cozy country yards, peace, quiet and the bosom of nature, be sure to go camping. By the evening campfire, listening to the concert of crickets, hum your favorite songs. It is not only a sentimental journey, but a form of spiritual detox. In addition to a guitar, good boots and a tent, you will need 1 more thing to be completely happy: a cast iron pot.

This solid pot from our store has a very large group of fans. It is most often chosen by lovers of spending time outdoors, in nature. This is an interesting product because it is useful in many situations, not only at the campsite. We also gladly use the Cast Iron Pot instead of the grill, because the dishes cooked in it are definitely healthier. You can organize a party, e.g. a birthday, a meeting with friends, you can also go on a journey “into the unknown” (as Elsa sang) alone with a cauldron in the trunk if you need solitude.

In our iron pots you can prepare really delicious and valuable dishes. Meat and vegetable stews, healthy soups, roasting in aromatic sauce, ribs and many others.

What is included in the cast iron pot set?

Each cauldron, no matter if enameled or not, whether large 15 l or small 4 l, has:

  • 3 cast iron feet to be attached to the bottom of the cauldron,
  • 3 durable screws, thanks to which the structure will be stable,
  • Pot - we have several types of capacity to choose from: 4 l, 5 l, 8 l, 10 l or 15 l.
  • Heavy lid with vent ( small hole) to regulate the pressure inside,
  • A handle that serves both to lock the lid and to carry it (when we are not cooking!),
  • Two metal screws to lock the lid.

Burning cast iron pot

In principle, we can cook any one-pot dish in a pot. If we use it for the first time, we need to burn it first. Wash the cast iron pot (and lid) with water before using it for the first time. We do not use any detergent.

When we dry it properly, we lubricate the whole thing with oil, preferably vegetable, from the outside and inside. We lubricate the WHOLE BOILER. Don't miss a thing, from the feet to the screws on the handle. After greasing, leave it for 30-60 minutes so that the cauldron absorbs as much of it as possible, then wipe off excess fat. Place the cauldron prepared in this way on the place intended for the bonfire. We prepare kindling, ignite it and just burn it out. Heat the cauldron until it turns dark brown.

To use it, you must first place the cauldron in the place where you want to light the fire. If we have already smoked it properly, we can throw in our favorite ingredients. Dishes cooked on a slow fire, surrounded by beloved family members or friends, will certainly taste great!

cast iron pot by the river

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